I have always had a love for cars since I was a little girl - from personifying them (Yes, and I still do) to bursting out like a fan-girl from the backseat whenever I spotted one of my favorite cars on the road. Photographs, on the other hand, I never thought much about other than they were a great way to collect memories big and small.
My father was the one in the family who always had a camera on him and took family photos, as well as landscape and nature photos - which were his favorite. I never believed I'd have the patience or necessity to learn how to use a legitimate camera, and thus stuck to taking photos with my phone whenever I felt the need to. Since my father's passing in 2022, I made the choice to pick up the camera and lenses he left behind and learn how to use them. Even then, I did not think I was going to end up pursuing photography full-time - I just wanted to honor my Dad and ensure his favorite hobby and equipment did not go to waste. A year later, I've come to realize how much I enjoy photography myself and have decided to dive in headfirst doing whatever I can to continue my father's work whilst adding my own style to it - all under our shared name of J Sanchez Photography.

My aim is to have some fun while I share my love for cars with others and help them immortalize their favorite machines.
In loving memory
01/01/1959 - 02/08/2022
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